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About ARCO

ARCO is an international society promoting the study of bone circulation and its disorders. The aims of ARCO are to encourage, coordinate and undertake clinical and basic research in the field of bone circulation and its disorders, in particular of osteonecrosis, to initiate and keep an international dialogue alive among bone circulation experts.

In the early 1970’s, ARCO was called the Association Research and the first meeting was called “International Symposium on Bone Circulation” which was organized by professors Paul Ficat and Jacques Arlet. Since 1988, Association Research Circulation Osseous (ARCO) was formed and holds meetings every two years.

ARCO recognizes the significance of the basic science and clinical science of Chinese colleagues and one of our goals in our strategic plan is to increase our membership from China. Therefore, 2019 will be the first year to witness ARCO biennial meeting being held in mainland of China, Dalian, organized by our new vice president of ARCO—Dewei Zhao.
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Key Dates


May 3-5, 2019

Abstract Submission Deadline

February 18, 2019

Online Registration Deadline

May 31, 2019

On-site Registration Dates

May 2, 2019


Sponsoring Unit: Association Research Circulation Osseous 
Host Unit: Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital of Dalian University

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